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As summer hits its stride, New Zealanders are in for a delightful surprise as watermelons are in abundance this week, offering unbeatable prices that won’t burn a hole in your wallet; Some supermarkets are selling these juicy delights for as low as $5 each, it’s a perfect time for Kiwis to indulge in their favourite summer treat. 

Gordon McPhail, our General Manager of Farm, attributes our bountiful harvest to consistently high temperatures in Gisborne, creating optimal conditions for watermelon cultivation. 

“After a challenging year of unprecedented weather, this summer has brought a welcome change, resulting in an abundance of watermelons from our harvest. We’re currently in the peak of the season, and the prices reflect the surplus, making it an ideal time for consumers to buy, in fact at these prices you’d be wanting to buy two!” 

Highlighting our commitment to innovation and testing hundreds of variants of watermelons, Gordon McPhail says the micro seeded variety is designed to provide a hassle-free eating experience.

“This year we’ve grown a variety of melons, but we’re most proud of our micro seeded variety. It’s the closest variety we can get to pipless melons, so you’ll no longer need to flick or spit out the pips with this hassle-free melon, it’s the easiest and juiciest melon you’ll taste this summer,” he says. 

Recognised for their refreshing taste and hydrating properties, watermelons are a quintessential summer fruit enjoyed in various ways. Whether consumed on their own, added to salads, or incorporated into beverages, the affordability this season ensures accessibility for all consumers. 

“We understand the importance of making nutritious and delicious fruits accessible to everyone. This season, Kiwis can relish in their favourite summer fruit without worrying about the cost,” says Gordon McPhail.

While watermelons are celebrated for their pink, succulent flesh, the often-overlooked watermelon rind holds untapped potential.  “Surprisingly, the white portion of the rind can be eaten and tastes a lot like cucumber” he says.

“When cooked the rind transforms into a tender, sautéed consistency which is great in stir-fry’s, tacos and salads.”

Cooking with watermelon rind not only presents an opportunity to minimise food waste it also offers health benefits. The rind of the watermelon is packed with fiber and antioxidants.  

LeaderBrand watermelons are in stores now, look out for the stickers for the micro seeded variety if pips aren’t your thing. 

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