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Farming for a healthy future

To keep New Zealanders healthy for generations to come, farming for a healthy future is essential.

At LeaderBrand, we’re proud to be setting the standard for sustainable farm practices, healthy communities, and healthy food too.


Healthy environment, healthy world

We aspire to leave the land better than we found it for the next generation, which is why we’re constantly evolving and finding new ways to grow, harvest, and replenish the land.

From waste reduction to regenerative farming, we always consider what’s best for the environment.

Gisborne School Trip

caring for our communities

Our team is made up of passionate, inspiring people from all sorts of places up and down Aotearoa, we have always given back to the community because we know it’s the right thing to do.

As a business, we support people whose values match ours wherever we can. Donations, school visits, apprenticeship programmes, volunteering – at LeaderBrand, we try to get involved wherever we can.

healthy food partners

feeding new zealand the good stuff

Eating well is important, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. At LeaderBrand, we want every family in Aotearoa to be able to enjoy a healthy, fruit and veggie-rich diet.

We’re always on the lookout for new food initiatives to partner with. Know any we should take a look at?

70% Process water usage reduction
50% reduction in landfill waste
100% reusable, recyclable or Bio-degradable packaging

our sustainable farming goals

As a business, we’ve come up with some key sustainability benchmarks to work towards for 2026 and beyond. These changes will ultimately mean less packaging and waste going to landfills, less emissions in the air, and will help us foster healthier waterways and soil too.