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It’s all about whānau

At LeaderBrand, our family heritage underpins everything we do, from building our team to planning for the future. Here’s how our family values have shaped us into who we are today, and moulded what we’re aiming for tomorrow.

our history

Where we came from

Our founder Murray McPhail set up LeaderBrand in 1975 when he took over the family sheep and cattle farm, converting it to grow his first crop of potatoes.

It was a humble start on 40-odd hectares of farmland, but with some grit, ingenuity, and a whole lot of hard work, LeaderBrand evolved from a small family venture to New Zealand’s leading horticulture business.

We’ve sure grown a lot over the years, but our values and roots are as sturdy as ever.

farming for a healthy future

Where we’re going

We know that to make sure the next generation has access to a healthy environment, nutritious food, and engaged communities, we need to start farming for a healthy future today.

It’s why we aspire to be the best produce grower we can be, setting the standard for others to follow when it comes to a healthy and sustainable future.


What we believe in

Basing a business like LeaderBrand around family values creates an environment that’s both down-to-earth and empathetic.

We invest in one another and accept people’s differences, taking pride in what we do and in each other too. We honour our handshake and deliver on what we say, working through difficult conversations together as a team.

Own it
We own it. Responsibility is shared and accountability is owned.
Dig Deep
We dig deep. We face reality and overcome challenges with knowledge, technology, and in tough times ‘sheer grit’.
Do It Right - Revised
We do it right. We care and respect each other, our community, our environment, and our customers.
Straight Up
We're straight up. Integrity and honesty is the heart of our actions and our relationships.
We Are Family - Revised
We are family, we are whānau.
Great Taste - Revised
We back great taste. Freshness, convenience, and taste matter.
Push Yourself
We push ourselves. We treat mistakes as lessons, as long as they are learnt.


After more than 45 years in the business, we’ve welcomed some incredible people into our LeaderBrand family.
Here are just a few of them.

Lalit – Processing

I was a chef and wanted a change of career so walked in looking for a job. The next day I had a new job and trial and have never looked back.

Antz – Operations

I joined LeaderBrand when my first son was born and I needed more certainty than being a part time musician.


Over the years it’s never been dull. I even spent time in Japan where I became semi fluent in the language and culture. But Karaoke definitely not.

Richard – CEO

I came to LeaderBrand back in 1993 to earn some cash to get back overseas.


The challenges have kept me here ever since. I’ve gone from tractor driver to CEO without an interview.

Venus – Processing

I’ve been at LeaderBrand so long I can’t remember when I joined, I’m sure I must have been a kid.


Fair to say that I’ve grown up heaps since then. The daily challenges keep me coming back everyday and the people keep me on my toes.

Kylie – Sales

I love the hustle and bustle of produce, I’m in my element talking to customers.


I’m proud to work in produce because we grow fresh and healthy food for all New Zealand families. It’s authentic and I can truly say I’m proud of what we do and the positivity we can have on kiwi’s lives.

LEADERBRAND Billy Stackhouse
Billy – Farming

I moved up from Ashburton after I graduated to get away from home for a couple years.


I’ve never really looked to go back as I enjoy being challenged and the challenges keep coming.



Fresh lettuce

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If you’re keen to learn more about our culture and values, feel free to get in touch.