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After a long and arduous journey through global pandemics, MIQ issues, freight delays, Covid and terrible weather, we’ve managed to overcome adversity, and reach a key milestone at their covered greenhouse.

Back in May, we had completed most of our smaller greenhouse and started to turn our attention to revitalising the soil after a couple of years of construction.

We’ve used a combination of covered crops, compose and turning the soil, to get it back into a healthy state for planting.

We’ve also been using all the specialist equipment we’ve built into the greenhouse including the water storage, treatment and overhead irrigation system, and our new vent system.

After a couple of months of trial crops, tweaks and adjustments we’ve now successfully planted, harvested and packed our very first commercial spinach fully grown in our mega greenhouse.

Our aim is to continue to grow a more consistent crop supply that will ultimately ensure that they can keep feeding New Zealand with healthy, tasty fresh vegetables at more consistent prices.

The first trails have already shown the team that farming undercover will be a massive change to the way we currently farm but we think that this style of farming will be the way of the future. 

We aim to keep exploring more technology and exploring more ways to farm more sustainably.