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This week, we have expanded our salad bag range to include wild rocket, one of the world’s most popular salad leaves. It’s all thanks to our 11-hectare mega-covered greenhouses now being fully built and operational.  

Building on the greenhouses commenced in 2019 but was plagued with every complication possible including the global pandemic, freight disruptions, cyclone damage and ongoing construction complications. 

Gordon McPhail, our General Manager of Farming says that whilst the building was one of the most complex in the farm’s history, the benefits are certain to out way the challenges.  

“This is a major milestone for us, our goal is to now have a more consistent crop supply, particularly of delicate salad leaves like spinach and wild rocket. Covered farming is quite a change to the way we currently farm but we truly think that this is the style of farming is the way of the future and ultimately how we can keep feeding Kiwis’ healthy fresh vegetables at affordable prices.  

“Our aim is to be able to accelerate crop growth all year round in a more sustainable manner, help to mitigate weather impacts, and create more consistent product which will secure more jobs across the year.   

“The technology incorporated in the greenhouses is innovative and will revolutionise the way we farm including being able to significantly reduce fertiliser and water usage as well as protecting the soil structure.   

Wild rocket trails have been running for the last 10 months and now the team is confident that they have ironed out the issues and can confidently supply year around.  

“We’re now confident in our practices, growing times, our environment and choice of seed varieties, which we’ve chosen from Italy.   

“If you love the fiery, peppery taste of wild rocket then you must grab a bag of our new salad as it’s got a real kick. Foodies are going to love it,” he says.    

Wild Rocket adds a peppery, nutty and mustard-like flavour to any meal. A handful of wild rocket can take a plain pasta, salad or pizza from ordinary to extraordinary. The zingy leaf creates a flavour that is guaranteed to please.

Wild Rocket pairs well with cheese, pear or on its own with a vinegar and citrus dressing.

Popular with Kiwi foodies, our new wild rocket is available now in supermarkets.