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The Kale trend is over


TRENDY KALE IS no longer Kiwis’ favourite green

Research reveals that the nation’s obsession with kale is over. The once popular salad leaf is no longer Kiwis’ favourite green.  We believe New Zealander’s are now looking for more palatable alternatives to kale.

Kiwis’ were once obsessed with the health benefits of kale but the bitter after taste and rough texture wasn’t for everyone. When kale first hit, we were baking leaves to make chips, mixing leaves into smoothies and adding it into our salads.

LeaderBrand’s, Head of Farming, Gordon McPhail, says that there are plenty of salad leaves and green produce that provide health benefits that are comparable with kale and taste good.

“Kiwis can’t get enough of broccoli, in fact it makes it into the top ten grocery items every year. Its good for you and it tastes great without a whole lot of cooking preparation. Spinach is New Zealand’s most popular salad leaf with endless uses from breakfast to dinner and a fantastic alternative to the bitter taste of kale,” says Gordon.  

Last week, we launched a new bagged salad, a mixture of baby cos and baby leaf lettuce which has a soft yet crunchy texture and a fluffy structure as well as a sweetness from the baby leaf.

“Baby leaf is soft and sweet, with a good texture which creates a delicious flavour and looks really appetising as well. I really think that once Kiwis’ try this leaf it will fast become one of our most popular salad varietals, “says McPhail.

Kiwis continue to love the convenience of a bag of salad. Sales for bagged salads are consistent throughout the year with no real difference between the seasons.

“We’re all time poor and rushing home from work, taking kids to sports practice but we still need to feed the family.  Quick and easy meals are helpful during a busy week. Bagged salads are a perfect solution, whether it’s a side dish to BBQ meats or a picnic with a hot chicken and coleslaw. It doesn’t matter the season, Kiwis are keen to get more greens into their diet.

“We’re sure that everyone will love baby leaf, it might even be the next food trend!”

LeaderBrand’s new bagged salad cos and baby leaf is now exclusively available at Countdown’s across the country, make sure you grab a pack today and experience summer on a plate

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