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A new reason to eat broccoli?

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New research finds that broccoli is rich in a chemical that could help prevent and treat viruses such as coronavirus and the common cold

Kiwis’ favourite vegetable, broccoli, has been given a major endorsement from John Hopkins Medicine.*  Adding to its well documented anti-cancer properties scientists now believe that broccoli can be used as an effective tool in the fight against coronavirus and the common cold.

The Johns Hopkins Children’s Centre led study, described in the latest Communications Biology, revealed that scientists have discovered that sulforaphane, a plant-derived chemical, abundant in broccoli and leafy greens can inhibit viruses from replication.

We are the country’s largest producers of broccoli and our CEO, Richard says that the study reinforces what we already knew.

“Our founder, Murray McPhail, for decades has been calling out the health and nutritional benefits of eating broccoli. He was one of the first growers in the country and over the years he has perfected growing the super-veg in Gisborne, Pukekohe and South Island.

“This new research reinforces the health benefits we’ve always known, broccoli really is a powerhouse vegetable.  It’s a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants, it’s super easy to prep, you can cook or eat it raw and it can accompany any meal.


“Now more than ever, we all need a boost of natural immunity from fresh vegetables.  If you eat one vegetable a day make sure it’s a broccoli and guess what, it’s cheaper than a coffee!”

Broccoli continues to be Kiwis’ most popular vegetable as it consistently appears in the top ten items purchased from the supermarket every year.

We grow broccoli across the country to safeguard a consistent supply and ensure that customers are paying a good price for the magic green veg.

“We have a year-round growing programme for broccoli. We use five different varieties to make certain we have the best plant that corresponds with the different months of the year. This guarantees Kiwis always have access to their favourite vegetable throughout the year,” says Richard.

Carmel Ireland from 5+ A Day Charitable Trust says that there is no doubt that we all need as many vitamins and minerals as possible to boost our natural immunity and buying fruit and vegetables is the easiest source of nutrition that we can put on the table each night.

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“At the 5+ A Day Charitable Trust we encourage people to look for vegetables and fruit that are in season for the best value. In season produce not only means better value in terms of price, it’s also when vegetables and fruit are at their peak nutrition content,” she says.

Our broccoli is grown all year around and available from your local supermarket today.

Listen to Richard Burke’s interview below on Country Sport

*For more information about the study click here

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