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Eat your colours! >

Have you tried our LeaderBrand beetroot yet? Available at your local supermarket...

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Fresh Salads Daily >

Triple washed and hydro cooled - means you simply open the bag and enjoy the freshest salad possible!

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Eat your purples >

LeaderBrand beetroot not only tastes great - it's also really good for you!


Early Morning Start >

Dawn on the farm our favourite time of day!

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Eat your greens! >

Grown and handpicked by LeaderBrand

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Hand picked super sweet corn >

Look for this exciting new category in your store. Fresh, hand picked super sweet corn - ready to eat anytime!


It starts and ends with the soil >

Gisbornes world reknown combination of soil, plentiful clean water and high sunshine hours make for an ideal growing environment.

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BEET your personal best >

LeaderBrand Beetroot - it's pure, easy and full of nutrition...

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Dawn harvest at Tangihanga >

100% grown, harvested, packed, and delivered to your local store by LeaderBrand.



Born and bred on the farm, early on I realised people not only want the highest quality vegetables but they want to know that they're safe and grown sustainably. They also like to put a face to the name of the people that are taking care of their food. This has always felt very natural for us and we've grown a business that people trust by taking care at every stage, as the catch phrase implies "LeaderBrand - from garden gate to dinner plate".

Growing and sharing your own vegetables is hugely satisfying but as you may know its not always that easy - mother nature can be a difficult partner! While we are blessed to live in a world-class growing environment - ultimately its our people that make the difference. We are fortunate to have a phenomenal team of talented, dedicated people who are out there every day - rain, hail or shine making it all happen.

Our philosophy to grow, harvest, pack and deliver daily means we are in constant contact with our customers and we hope responding to their needs. In today's busy world its clear people want convenient, healthy, ready to eat meal solutions they can trust. Our product range to meet these needs is ever changing. Innovation and development is perhaps what we're best known for and I'm proud to see the next generation bringing their ideas and making their mark.

I hope you enjoy these pages and find out a little more about us. If you don't find what you're looking for here or have ideas you'd like to share please get in touch.

Thank you for visiting,


Murray McPhail
Owner and Founder
LeaderBrand Produce Ltd.